Retail PVP Update #1

Welcome to the pre-anniversary changelog, Lots of news on the way!

Olympiad Rewards:
They have been doubled.

1111111Skill_1405_1 PvP Balance:

skill0791 Soulhound: Lightning Shock + Soul Of Pain: slightly decreased the chance to success.
Skill_193_1 Daggers: Critical Damage SA: Fixed issue leading to land less damage than expected
skill0485 Doombringer: Skill Damage: +5%
Skill_234_1 Mages: Magic Damage: +5%

scroll_of_verification_i00 Olympiad Balance:
Removed various nerfs from Disarm (doombringer / duelist)
Soultaker Debuffs have been upgraded (land rate).
Spectral Master magic damage slightly decreased.
Steal Divinity reuse increased.
Damage of duelist / archers / tanks / grand khavatari increased by 10%

accessory_antaras_circlet_i00 Antharas Lair: Monsters are now weaker.

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