False rumors about L2Royal by failed server owner

Hello, I’ve playing this server from its launch date and today I saw a horrible lie being spread by Copyleft and his community and I managed to reveal their lie.

Today 5/3/2021, a new Olympiad type of server was launched by Copyleft and his crew.

Copyleft blamed L2Royal for DDoSing his new and failed Olympiad Server.

I started by checking his Network load (when DDoS attack happens, Network is unreachable):
Guess what? His server’s network was 100% healthy and responsive.

ping status

After this Network test, I was surprised with the fact that no Game Server was linked to his Login Server (why would someone have it removed even if he was getting DDoSed as claimed???):

Then, continued by checking his Server’s hosting company status/health. Everything on graphs seemed 100% fine. From the IP address I saw that his machine was G125B02, marked with green, which means no problems at all

After I brought up all those facts to his community on Discord (I couldn’t believe that L2Royal team would do such a thing), I asked him directly for a proof of any DDoS detection from his hosting company and fortunately, the lie was revealed for real this time by himself. The message he claimed he received has absolutely no relation with a DDoS attack. Also the date and time on the message is way past the time when L2Royal was accused for DDoS and in fact, it’s exactly after when the facts about the DDoS being fake were brought up.

The message above, is only sent when the hosting company services are intentionally blocked by the server owner {with Firewall}. Copyleft intentionally blocked with firewall the hosting company so he can receive such message.

Real DDoS detection from the very same hosting company looks like this (I had my own servers DDoSed and this is how real DDoS detection messages look like) :

  • IP Address has been censored for obvious reasons.

Copyleft was caught on his own lie by me, and I got banned for revealing the truth in front of his community on Discord.

Good try lying Mr. Copy(Right) guy. You almost fooled me and almost I fell to your lie. You have lost both me and my clan from your server for good.
Blaming your failure on other servers with such lies? Come on, I thought you could do better than that.

Peace out.