L2 Royal PVP Beta + Rewards

Hello everyone! Thank you for being here with us! :hearts:

We are really happy about this upcoming beta, Will be a Beta version full of PvP and Olympiad!

Once again, thank you for being part of the L2 Royal Community and giving us so much feedback, so keep the positive flow going and let’s make Royal The Best PVP Server :smile:!

Beta will start on 18/07/2021 Sunday, 18:00 GMT +1!

Live will start on 23/07/2021 Friday at 18:00 GMT +1, make sure not to miss it!

For the participation to the beta everyone will automatically receive

  • 2cbd2313f4dc287bfe73b62fe1cfa6413fcac03c x1 Beta Tester Cloak
  • If you did a YouTube video during the Beta, you will receive
    • ac717035829aa0aabeda02c0b8bfd0bf4b1ce51e x1 Youtube Cloak
  • If you did a Twitch stream during the Beta, you will receive
    • 83992349922188edc258d823e180266adaf2cc0b x1 Twitch Cloak

For being placed in top 10 PvP at the end of the Beta

  • caedaa85ecf1b967aafe91dcab10be99eb01620d x250 RoyalCoins


Youtube Contest Video: For the Best PvP Video of the Beta

  • Video name must include “ L2Royal.eu
  • The staff will select the winning video which will get the rewards
  • caedaa85ecf1b967aafe91dcab10be99eb01620d x1000 Royal Coins

This topic may be subject to changes

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for everyone who will partecipate to the Beta, and everyone who will join the Live Server - Thank you!